Blockchain Gaming: Sorare’s fantasy football game put to the test

What Panini means for football ticket collectors on an analogue level finds its digital counterpart in Sorare – based on blockchain technology.

We recently tested Sorarein the October issue of the Kryptokompass

From Juventus Turin’s Cristiano Ronaldo to Germany’s national player Jonathan Tah from Bayer Leverkusen: The Sorare fantasy football platform offers die-hard football fans the opportunity to trade their football idols as digital trading cards and to compete against each other in virtual teams.

In total, the platform has consistently made more than $ 1 million a month through sales of Bitcoin Billionaire collectibles.

Sorare Gameplay

The game principle is kept simple and is based on existing online manager games: The player acts as a manager who puts together a virtual team of five football players using their blockchain cards. A Sorare card is a digital collectible that represents a soccer player in a specific season. In addition, the team is classified after each match day based on the performance of its players on the real football field and rated with points.

The cards also differ in their performance and experience points and can generate bonus points. Similar to real game operations, there is a league and tournament system in which managers can take part with their teams.